Economic Substance Regulations UAE

Your Integrated ESR Partner in the UAE: Handling Economic Substance Regulations

ESR has been established in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) whose purpose is to ensure that a high number of real economic activities occur within the country through various firms and businesses. In accordance with the standards established by the OECD and EU, who have framed ESR as a regulatory requirement, it is vital to businesses in the UAE. Companies at Your Office Partners are suggested to cooperate in light of mind-blowing all around made guiding and backing, which gives the people with data regarding giving representations on Fiscal Substance Regulations and introducing businesses with vertical fulfillments.

Guidance From Your Office Partners

ESR Compliance Assessment

  • Professional Evaluation: Our fresh minds evaluate all the commercial activities for potentiality of ESR application.
  • Risk Identification: The main feature is to define possible risks and provide recommendations on how to satisfy substance demands.

Compliance Strategy and Implementation

  • Tailored Strategy: Developing a compliance plan based on your particulars.
  • Implementation Assistance: Support to implement measures in accordance with the substance necessitates understanding requirements by maintaining a physical presence and improving internal operations.

Reporting and Documentation

  • Guided Reporting: We navigate you through the reporting process to ensure that your Economic Substance Notice is recorded with accuracy and proper compliance.
  • Documentation Preparation: Assist with the preparation of critical documentation in the form of financial statements, records and other materials that may be required for compliance purposes.

Ongoing Compliance Support

  • Continuous Assistance: Ongoing service to identify and ensure your continued compliance as they see fit of any activity that is done by you.
  • Latest Developments: We keep up-to date with all recent advances of ESR, and we ensure you stay ahead of the also evolving compliance requirements.

ESR Services in UAE


  • Scope: ESR refers to all UAE onshore and free zone company branches and subsidiaries thus also including companies.
  • Relevant Activities: Includes broad aspects such as banking, insurance, money management and shipping intellectual properties.

Substance Requirements

  • CIGAs: The Core Income-Generating Activities of the company should be directed at UAE, where they are actively brought in.
  • Employees, Expenditure, and Physical Presence: Adequate quantity of qualified human, enough operating expenses which needed to acquire and adequate physical presence in the UAE.
  • Control and Decision-Making: Evidence of decisiveness and processes/standards for exercising control on the Relevant Activities part in the UAE.

Reporting Obligations

  • Annual Notification: The Annual Economic Substance Notification is a paper that should be filed by companies under the sphere of influence of ESR.
  • Information Disclosure: The revelation of some information about relevant activities, financials and the conformity to requirements for substance or substances.

Regulatory Authorities

  • Oversight: Other regulatory authorities span the Ministry of Economy, various licensing authorities from different ministries and free zone regulators.
  • Specific Requirements: All over the authorities need specific features and delivery times of reports or compliance.

Your ESR Compliance Partner

In UAE, the compliance with Economic Substance Regulations is very crucial for businesses as they have to invest a huge amount of their money. With your Office Partners, you can be guaranteed that by using the full ESR services we offer at Your Office Partners, your company complies effectively with substance requirements. Simplify with ESR the hurdles through our knowledge allowing you to concentrate on main activities of the business but make sure that it meets the regulatory environment.

Ensure your business is compliant with ESR in the UAE.

Economic Substance Regulations UAE

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